How to Invest Small Amounts of Money: 13 Ideas that Works

The truth is that you can invest even tiny amounts, such as 1, 10 or 50 euros, in many spots these days and see it quickly compound into an amount with that will make your life easier.

Whether you want to increase your worth to prepare for retirement, to create a legacy for your children, to get that new house or to have more money for traveling or for your hobbies, these 13 options will give you a wide range of ideas for how you can invest your money

Of course, before investing any of your money, be sure that you have your other financial bases covered. You should still be able to pay your bills and pay for your necessary budgeted items. Plus, you should have an emergency fund in place.

Now you are ready to create some cash quickly

1. Choose a Low-Risk Investment 

If you are not willing to risk losing your money, such as if you are living paycheck to paycheck, you will want to look into a traditional low-risk investment. Of course, these investments do not make you money as quickly as higher-risk investments do, but they generally come through with strength to give you a great outcome. 

Government-backed bonds are some of the best low-risk opportunities. While they may take many years to come to fruition, you can usually invest small amounts that you want and see a steady rate of growth that is backed by the government’s promise. A European Treasury Bond is a smart choice for your precious euros. 

Another good option is the European ETF. This option lets you diversify your portfolio if you have even a small amounts of money to invest. You will be investing in many companies that you already know about and will be able to diversify your portfolio throughout Europe.

NB: The European market is far lower risk than more emerging markets, such as that of Latin America, are. 

2. Choose a High-Risk Investment 

If you like to live on the adventure some side and are willing to take on more risks, you may want to consider the European stock market. While it has been a bit stagnant lately, it is great if you are searching for good value for your small amount to invest.

It has been returning over 35 percent overall, and many European companies are well-known around the world and are seen as smart investments.

Many companies offer huge dividend increases, in many cases offering more than American stocksare currently paying. 

3. Opt for Forex 

Forex is the foreign exchange, a global market where you can trade in all types of currencies. Even, you can make money investing in businesses, stocks and other types of investments all over the world.

You are basically investing in the currency of one country, speculating about which way your currency is going to go and getting out while your currency is high. Trading forex is definitely high pressure, and you will have to keep up with your trades if you want to come out on top. 

4. Try an Online Investment Company 

If you do not have the time or energy to work on your investments yourself or to find the best low or high-risk option for your needs, consider an online investment company.

These companies do a lot of the grunt work for you, sending you through questionnaires to find out what types of investments you prefer and giving you complete portfolio management by an investment professional.

Some of these accounts can be started with a very low amount of money, and you can transfer to a fund with a higher return once your investment has grown.

Another benefit to choosing an online investment company is that many of them charge far less than brokers working in brick-and-mortar buildings do. Plus, you may be able to get a cash bonus when you open your investment account. 

5. Make money investing with an App 

These days, it seem as if there is an app for just about anything.

In fact some app seven cater to those who only have a tiny amount of cash to invest.

With such simple apps, there is no reason not to get started with investments this veryminute. Plus, you can commit to transferring a small amount of money to your app account every week to keep your account growing. 

These apps usually focus on diversified accounts to keep your investment in the moderate-risk category and to ensure that if one company is under-performing, a different company will make up for it.

Keep in mind that most apps and online platforms will charge you a small maintenance fee. Therefore, make sure that you are able to make more from your investment than you will be charged in monthly fees. 

6. Invest in Commodities 

Non-cash commodities, such as goldand silver, make good investments because they often hold their value even in the midst of rapidly changing economies. Thus, they are protected against the inflation that typically causes currency to depreciate, and these investments provide high liquidity.

They are easy to buy and simple to sell because many people these days are seeing the many benefits of making money with these investments. 

Investing in commodities does not mean that you need thousands of dollars to buy gold coins or bars, however. Here you have 3 ways of investing:

  • Actually invest in a market that is backed by commodities
  • Buy them in the form of ETFs as well as mutual funds in nearly any amount that you like
  • You can even pick a type of commodity that you prefer to invest in, such as precious metals, livestock, energy sources or agricultural resources

7. Invest in Cryptocurrencies 

Cryptocurrencies have been huge lately because they are exciting new investments that can be purchased, invested, sold and used around the world.

Bitcoin is the most popular one of which nearly everyone has heard, but you can also invest in others, such as Ethereum or Litecoin.

invest small amounts with the whole panorama of the most known Cryptocurrencies
The whole panorama of the most known Cryptocurrencies

Instead of going it alone, try working with a cryptocurrency platform. This will help you minimize your risk by letting you diversify your holdings, and these sites will also give you pointers to help you time your trade well.

By working with a trading platform, you can work with nearly any size of investment, including very small ones. 

8. Try Peer-to-Peer Lending 

Although peer-to-peer lending does not give you as much of a kickback as higher risk investment options do, it is a smart way to gradually increase your small amount of money.

With this type of investment, you will be giving money to different businesses or individuals who have newbusiness ideas. They will put this money to work for them, and you will get an interest return on your investment.

Although interest rates are generally low, they are still more than what you would get from nearly any savings account these days. 

9. Invest in Your Retirement 

It can be hard to think about the future when you are so excited to make money investing right now. However, one of the smartest investments you can make isin your own future by way of a fully funded retirement account.

Your retirement account can grow exponentially if you start putting even tiny amounts into itearly in your working career. Even a euro every week will grow into a healthy fortune over 40 or 50 years. To make it easy on yourself, let your retirement account automatically take a small amount out of each of your paychecks. 

10. Start Your Own Business 

If you have the entrepreneurial bug, try your hand at starting your own business.

Depending on what you want to do, you may not need very much to get started. Consider a home-based business that makes use of a hobby or skill that you already have. It could be carpentry, crafting, organizing, writing, tutoring or even starting your own blog.

This is a great way to invest in yourself. Over time, those few euros that you put into your own business could turn into a great way to fund your entire future

11. Invest in a Friend’s Business 

If you are happy in your career or do not feel as if you have any skills that could make you a wad of cash, consider investing in a friend’s business.

Lend your friend a small amount of money, but be sure that you set up a written, legal contract stating exactly what the repayment terms and the interest rates are so that your investment is protected. 

12. Flip Home Goods 

While flipping homes may not be up your alley if you want to invest small amounts, you can try flipping something much smaller.

Purchasing used home goods is quite cheap if you head to local thrift stores, yard sales or flea markets. With a few euros, you can invest in paints, stains, upholstery or other products to change the look of the item completely.

Then, sell this updated item at a huge profit online or at a local shop, and use your earnings to reinvest in more products to flip. 

13. Invest in Yourself 

Spending savings on yourself may not seem like a great way to invest small amounts.

However, it may be one of the wisest ways that you spend your money, and you may be able to make more money back than you would have imagined possible. We suggest you few useful ways if you’re currently out of ideas:

  • Invest in a new book or in a class at a local library or community center that teaches you a new skill.
  • Spend money on a relaxing massage thatallows you to be more productive at work.
  • Take a night class at the communitycollege.
  • Purchase some new clothes for your work wardrobe to help you get that promotion and pay raise that you have wanted. 
invest small amounts in yoursefl in order to fly high like this guy in the picture


Today, there are many ways that you can learn to make and grow your savings. The Internet is full of free and cheap courses, or you can download an eBook that tells you the basics of entrepreneurial management. You may even want to consider investing a few euros a month on a life coach. 

Although your investments may seem as if they are growing slowly at first, they will increase exponentially as your investment amount grows. The best advice is to start investing as soon as you can even if you only have a tiny amount that you can use.

Investments with small amounts quickly grows and become lasting legacies.

In addition, remember to add more unusual investments to the mix, such as investing in yourself or in your own business. Although the results may be harder to measure, they are no less important when compared to the number of euros in your bank account.